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James Boyle, M.D.:

 "I was really frightened to have this surgery (heel spur removal). They were going to cut my Achilles, remove the bone, and reattach the Achilles. Dr. Boyle was so reassuring and gave me confidence. The time at Cape Cod hospital was very easy. The operation was a success and I have had no pain. I still have months of recuperating ahead, but I can't say enough about how good an experience I had. I highly recommend this team!" .”

Jesse Affonso, M.D.:

 Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Procedure: "I have had two previous joint replacement surgeries (knees) at B&W in Boston. Both were successful and went well. But Dr. Affonso's surgery was the best yet. From my first meeting with him, I was confident and encouraged.The surgery was the best of all my surgeries yet. Dr. Affonso is the best. I've had two shoulders and two knees replaced. After dealing with Jesse Affonso, my only regret is that i've run out of joints for Dr. Affonso to treat-Great technical skills, sense of humor, pain maintenance, and patience with explanations.Not just a great surgeon, but an excellent physician as well.This guy is the best. I've already recommended him to a dozen people.Thanks, Jesse" ~

John Willis, M.D.:

  "Very bad tear in rotator cuff. Nothing but a miracle I can use my left arm. Had therapy right away and out of the sling in two weeks. Absolutely recommend Dr. Willis to anyone needing the surgery."

Leonard Remia, M.D.:

  “Dr. Remia is a magician. He's given me back the mobility I lost about twelve years ago. I couldn't ask for better care or a better surgeon. Thank you!"

Brian Najarian, M.D.:

 "Dr. Najarian was fantastic!. He took so much time to explain my diagnosis and answered all my questions. I'd been told by another doctor that I had to have surgery and after sitting down wit him we figured out a plan that would not involve an operation. So glad I went to see him!.”

Timothy Kinkead, M.D.:

"My surgeon Dr. Timothy Kinkead replaced my hip and has summoned me, the previously crippled to rise up and walk! I don't know about Jesus. That is only a story. This is my reality. . I am amazed how Clean and healthy my incisions are and how strongly and surely I can walk even though there is still swelling only after a week of course."

Daniel Chapin, FNP:

 “Dan is always pleasant, professional and personal.”

Jeffrey Terwilliger, PA-C:

“I was treated by Jeff Terwilliger. He did a very professional analysis and prescribed physical therapy and a pair of orthotics. I have long resisted them, but these have worked wonders for my feet. I am extremely satisfied! I have been so happy in fact, that I ordered a second pair, to keep from having to shift from shoe to shoe. Thank you !”

Vincent Stella, PA-C:

"I was seen by physician’s assistant Vincent Stella. I was late to appt. They still readily took me with a very busy office . Vincent was very informative helpful and really listened to me . Very caring kind young man. I received my cortisone treatment and feel much better already."

Andrew Smith, M.D.:

 "I went in with awful pain in my left knee. Dr. Smith had repaired my right knee last year. No problems and no more pain. I was given a cortisone shot for my left knee. Pain was bad yesterday but today I stood up and took a step and I’m pain free!

 He’s a great knowledgeable doctor. I’m a senior lady and without doubt trust his judgment."

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